For the past 25 years, Community and Student volunteers have been coming together for Shelter Sunday.  Last year the event raised about $30,000 for those in need.  Help us make this Shelter Sunday a success by becoming a Sponsor of the event.

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Sponsor Shelter Sunday 2016!

Send Checks to: P.O. Box 264, Amherst, MA 01004


2016 Shelter Sunday


  • Help fund the event by writing a check to: Shelter Sunday Amherst
  • Display an Event Flyer
  • Put out a Shelter Sunday Collection Jar on October 15th
  • Donate Gift Cards, Coupons, or merchandise as Prizes and Thank You gifts for our Volunteers
  • Donate a % of sales on October 15th to Shelter Sunday

Suggested Ways to Get Involved

Use Paypal and add "Sponsorship" to the comments

P.O. Box 264
​Amherst, MA 01004

Shelter Sunday

Becoming a Shelter Sunday Sponsor

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